Thank you for your interest in joining Feastify. Grow with us!

Here is a breakdown of our pricing:

-18% commission on the pre-tax order for delivery and 10% commission on the pre-tax order for pick-up.
-3% transaction fee paid by Feastify!
-Up to 10% current menu price increase (so 8% from current margin, if you increase your menu the full 10%)
-NO start-up costs, monthly fees, penalties, or contract
-We can provide a tablet at no cost except a fully refundable damage deposit (or you can use your own)

How we operate:

-We cater to underserved markets.
-We have live dispatchers coordinating our drivers.
-We do not have an automatic customer refund policy. Our dispatch team gets involved with the restaurant and customer to find resolution.
-You control the delivery time. Our orders do not take precedence over your in-store customers.
-Every restaurant partner has a restaurant back end which has your menu, order and customer history.
Contact or call us at 204-901-0440